Your special invitation to a nature-inspired social innovation workshop!

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Nature is…
Adaptive. Resilient. Cooperative. Interconnected.

Adaptive. Resilient. Cooperative. Interconnected.




Tazewell, Tennessee
October 2-8, 2023

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As we move towards a regenerative future, many of us are reevaluating the way we think, work, and lead. Are you ready to borrow from nature’s genius? Registration opens today for our highly popular immersion workshop that cross-pollinates the fields of social innovation and biomimicry.

You’ll be introduced to mentors in nature who can inspire new innovation, and begin gathering the biomimicry tools you need to drive cutting-edge social innovation solutions to your toughest challenges.

Throughout the week, we will look at nature’s strategies in three areas that are most relevant for leaders of social innovation:

  • Context: becoming attuned to your environment, understanding your context and how it is affected by selection pressure, using feedback loops to adapt as conditions change
  • Relationships: types of symbiotic relationships, factors for effective collaboration and co-evolution, fostering self-organized networks to advance change
  • Change: adaptation, resilience in the face of disruption, succession through stages of development

Join us in October to explore the expansive natural laboratory of scenic Tennessee with our world class instructors and an awesome crew of diverse cross-disciplinary participants.

We expect this workshop to sell out so please register early to guarantee your seat in the workshop and your preferred rooming choice!