Worldwide, people want more renewable energy

kristy Green Prosperity

Global Consumer Wind Energy Study: Consumers want more renewable energy
June 29, 2011 (Regulacion Eolica con Vehiculos Electricos)

“…[According to] Vestas / TNS Gallup Findings…90 percent of consumers worldwide want more renewable energy. 65 percent prefer to purchase brands produced using wind energy. 53 percent in China and 7 percent in U.S. view climate change as [the] greatest challenge…

“In the largest survey of its kind, 31,000 consumers in 26 countries around the world were asked about their demand for brands made with renewable energy, as well as how energy decisions by some of the world’s largest companies affect their choices…”

“The annual [The Global Consumer Wind Study], commissioned by Vestas and conducted by TNS Gallup, provides insights that enable corporations to understand consumer perceptions about climate change, renewable energy, and how these relate to global brands…”

[Morten Albaek, Senior Vice President for Group Marketing & Customer Insight, Vestas:] “The Global Consumer Wind Study…will allow consumers and corporations to make informed decisions…Because transparency in renewable energy will not only be good for society and future generations: it will also be good for business.”