World Pulse: Your Voices Were Heard!

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US Appoints Special Envoy to DRC

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We did it! Congolese Women Influence US Foreign Policy

Your Voices Were Heard!

In January, World Pulse and the Maman Shujaa Hero Women of the Democratic Republic of Congo asked you to sign a petition calling for a Special US Presidential Envoy to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In partnership with and the Enough Project, World Pulse and the 200+ grassroots women leaders of DRC have succeeded with their unprecedented campaign to pressure the US government to help end the escalating violence in their country.

On June 18, US Secretary of State John Kerryannounced the appointment of former US Senator Russ Feingold to help begin peace negotiations between warring factions in Africa’s Great Lakes Region.

After delivering a 100,000 signature strong petition to the White House encouraging the appointment of a US Special Envoy, the group, led by disability activist and community leader, Neema Namadamu, is pleased that President Obama has responded.

“We look forward to meeting with Mr. Feingold so that we can work together to bring an end to the abominable violence occurring in our country,” said Namadamu. “Our next step for Maman Shujaa is to work closely with women across the country to ensure that they have a voice at the table in the peace process.”

You can keep the momentum going. Join our online community and share what you would like to see from Senator Russ Feingold as he steps into this new role.

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