Welcome to the Sharing Spring!

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Welcome to the #SharingSpring!

Dear Kosmos Friends,

Spring is here in New England and we are celebrating with our friends at Shareable.  In the face of today’s enormous challenges, we often hear, ‘yes, but what can I DO?’ This Kosmos Newsletter offers some great options. All kinds of events are exploding around #SharingSpring. So take a look and see how you can be involved.

Neal Gorenflo, founder of Shareable magazine, is an old friend of Kosmos, so we are sharing his personal story of transformation as it was published in Kosmos Journal in the Spring of 2011.

Learn about the evolution of the Sharing Economy in an excellent article by our friend Adam Parsons, from Share the World’s Resources, with links to many wonderful initiatives going on in the world right now!

On the Commons shares a free new e-book with all of us—Sharing Revolution. Each of us will be ‘sharing experts’ in no time!

And finally, share your own journey with Kosmos by participating in a very special research project, Exploring Connection for Greater Impact. Read more and take the survey.

We hope you will join us and all our friends in welcoming the #SharingSpring.

No matter what time of year this is for you—we send you the joy of renewal, the fragrance of flowers , green fresh grass and the beautiful colors of  blossom-time.


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By Adam Parsons
Can the sharing economy movement address the root causes of the world’s converging crises?