WE ARE STILL IN! Participate in the Global Climate Action Summit From Wherever You Are.

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“Ethical Markets  is  happy to see our “WE ARE STILL IN“ campaign and associates still gathering ever wider support.  Please join the Climate Action Summit, Sept 13-15!  I will also be in San Francisco, spreading the word at the Family Office Forum there Sept 12-13th with a great group of private investors!  We are all in this together!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

The Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, California is only one week away!

WASI Forum 
To celebrating and encouraging action at the local level, We Are Still In will be hosting a day long workshop for WASI signatories in San Francisco on September 12. The forum will be an opportunity for signatories to strategize with and learn from leaders across all sectors to scale up climate solutions.

Live Stream
If you are unable to attend the WASI Forum, you are invited to tune in here for a live stream of the day. Check out our agenda here to learn more about the topics of discussion, who will be presenting and what time you should tune in. You can also live stream the Global Climate Action Summit on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

America’s Pledge Webinar 
On Monday, September 10th from 12:00-13:00, America’s Pledge will be hosting a webinar on the report: Fulfilling America’s Pledge: How States, Cities, and Business Are Leading the United States to a Low-Carbon Future. The report estimates the potential of U.S. non-federal actors to make progress towards the U.S. commitment under the Paris Agreement, based on 10 strategies for non-federal action. In addition to a report of the key findings and messaging, the webinar will include the opportunity to ask questions of the lead researchers and writers of the report.

If you are interested in joining the webinar, you can RSVP here.