Video: I confront the Koch Brothers

kristy SRI/ESG News

Just got off the phone with Joel Francis – he’s issued an incredible debate challenge to the Koch Brothers. Please read his note, watch his video, and help get his story out. – Whit

My name’s Joel Francis. Last week I challenged oilman Charles Koch to debate Proposition 23, a ballot measure he’s funding to wreck California’s clean energy economy.

I told him that if they didn’t show up in California for a debate, I’d come to his doorstep at Koch Industries headquarters in Wichita, Kansas — and I’m keeping my promise.

This Tuesday I’m going to Wichita to tell the Koch Brothers to stop polluting our politics, and I want to bring your signature of support with me.

Add your name to stand with me as I go to Wichita to challenge the Koch Brothers.

I’m proud that California is leading the country towards a clean energy economy, and I just don’t understand what right the Koch Brothers and two Texas oil companies have meddling in our state’s environmental policy. That’s why I decided to challenge them.

It’s important that we challenge them all over the country — they aren’t just funding this work in California. All across the country they’re polluting politics with their dirty energy money and buying elections.

Watch my video and join me in standing up to Big Oil in this election.

I know I’m not alone in this pursuit. Across the country ordinary people have been standing up to corporate polluters and leading the drive to the clean energy economy. With only 8 days until the election, it’s essential we all get involved. Here in California we’re organizing dozens of events to get out the youth vote for clean energy, and I hope you’re doing the same in your community.


Joel Francis
Power Vote California
Former Student Body President
California State University, Los Angeles