VC Investment in Solar: Still Strong in Q2

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VC Investment in Solar: Still Strong in Q2
More than $325 million in 18 solar deals this quarter

Solar Power All Day and Night
Independence from fossil fuel-powered plants via molten-salt storage?

Moving Hawaii From Energy Disaster to Energy Miracle
Transforming the Hawaiian electrical grid without angering the volcano goddess

U.S. Solar Market Stats: Q1 2011 by the Numbers
A solar graphic from Greentech Media and SEIA is worth 1,000 words.

Solar PV Balance-of-System Costs to Surpass Modules by 2012, According to GTM Research
Latest report on solar PV balance-of-system market, analyzing the key economic trends, component demand dynamics and strategic product innovations

First Solar DOE Loans Full Speed Ahead: 1,300MW, $4.5B
First Solar gets a very large Fourth of July present for its CdTe mega-projects.

More CPV Funding: Semprius Gets $20M From Siemens, Others
Can a new approach to chip design make concentrating photovoltaics a contender? And why the flurry of CPV VC of late?

GreenVolts, CPV Aspirant, Gets $39M in VC
Second-tier CPV firm with unknown differentiation completes remainder of inside round.

SunPower’s Dick Swanson Still Very Much Alive
“The Father of Solar in the U.S.” asks if you know how many joules are in a kilowatt-hour. (Answer below.)

Q-Cells Enters American Market With CIGS PV Panels
If column-inches covering CIGS solar were a source of power, our energy problems would be solved.

Is the World’s Biggest PV Project About to Get Stopped Cold?
First Solar’s 230-megawatt AV Solar Ranch One is unexpectedly knocking heads with some irate neighbors.