Update: Armageddon Still Imminent

kristy Greentech

Update: Armageddon Still Imminent
New solar architectures and approaches that simplify PV panel installation.

Guest Post: The Peak Oil Catastrophe-in-Waiting
Policymakers are warning of another super price spike for oil.

How Can You Improve the Costs of Concentrating Solar? Get Rid of the Turbine
You can reduce costs by locating solar fields next to coal or gas plants. But how do the economics actually pencil out?

How Do You Blend Gas and Renewables?
California is navigating between regulatory conundrums and fires, floods and drought.

Vinod Khosla on Biofuel Feedstocks
Imagination is in shortest supply when it comes to agronomic econometrics that extrapolate the past instead of inventing a new future.

Cree Unfurls Household LED Bulb
The price isn’t out yet, but it cranks 800 lumens. Could it be the true 60-watt replacement?