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24th April 2013   


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We are delighted to announce the launch of the United Kingdom Peace Index (UKPI), the first comprehensive measure of peacefulness across the UK. The UKPI is the second in a series of national peace indices released by the Institute for Economics and Peace. It explores the fabric of peace in the UK over the last decade.

2013 United Kingdom Peace Index
The UK Peace Index shows that the UK is 11 per cent more peaceful now than it was 10 years ago, with a sharp decline in homicide and crime. The UKPI measures peace according to five key indicators: the level of violent crime, homicide, public disorder, weapons crime, and the number of police. 

Discover and explore the data on the UKPI interactive map.


UKPI Report

The UKPI Report includes an analysis of the key socio-economic factors associated with peace. The research shows that violence is closely linked to severe deprivation. By tackling deprivation and improving incomes, access to employment, and protection from the worst effects of poverty, levels of violence across the UK would significantly reduce. To read more on correlations, skip to page 41 of the UKPI Report

US and UK Comparison
The UKPI Report compares the findings from the US Peace Index and the UK Peace Index. The comparison shows that homicide, as a proportion of total violent crime, is almost 10 times higher in the US than the UK. In the US, two out of every three homicides are caused by guns, compared to one in 13 in the UK. For more on this comparison, skip to page 56 of the UKPI Report

UKPI Video
See highlights from the UK Peace Index in a short and informative video:

The Economic Impact of Violence
The UKPI provides an estimate of the economic cost of violence and the benefits that would flow from increased levels of peace. 

  • The total economic impact of violence on the UK economy is £124 billion, that’s £4,700 per household per year
  • The total economic effect of a reduction in violence of 9 per cent is equivalent to the total cost of the London Olympic Games.  

Read more on the economic impact of violence on page 50 of the UKPI Report.

Upcoming  IEP event: We Should Need an Act of Parliament to Go to War: Lessons from Iraq
IEP is pleased to announce its forthcoming luncheon event “We Should Need an Act of Parliament to Go to War: Lessons from Iraq” with guest speaker Mr Paul Barratt AO, Former Secretary to the Australian Department of Defence. The luncheon will take place on the 21st of May 2013 at the Union, University and Schools Club in Sydney. If you are interested in attending please contact:[email protected]


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