Trip report on The Millennium Project Week in Baku, Azerbaijan

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Trip report on The Millennium Project Week in Baku, Azerbaijan


About 40 people from The Millennium Project gathered in Baku, Azerbaijan for an extraordinary week of meetings organized by Professor Reyhan Huseynova, Chairwoman of the Azerbaijan Node.  There was extensive media coverage.* Some photos at:

May 29 – 31st

MP participants were guests of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic for the Second Intercultural Dialogue in cooperation with UNESCO held in a spectacularly futuristic conference hall

June 1

Riel Miller, Head of the Foresight Program at UNESCO conducted a workshop with The Millennium Project staff and Node chairs on the future of foresight as part of a UNESCO effort to document the phenomena of futures studies partially supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, hosted by the State Economic University of Azerbaijan.

June 2

First day of the two-day Millennium Project Planning Committee (MPPC) Meeting recent accomplishments, such as the two Real-time Delphi studies (one on hidden hunger and the other on vulnerable natural infrastructure on urban coastal regions with special attention to Asia and Africa), and improvements to Global Futures Intelligence System  See attached.

June 3

Baku Futures Forum was a spectacular concentration of future possibilities for the post-oil dependent economies given by Amory Lovins, Eric Drexler, and others from the Millennium Project. The keynotes, panels, ppts, video messages will be packaged and made available. There were three firsts at the Forum: first Holographic video message demonstration (with the MP Turkish Node Chairwoman), first public 3D printing demo (given by the Silicon Valley Chairman Brock Hinzmann), the first display of an individual gene sequenced on a chip (shown by Jose Cordeiro, chairman Venezuela Node). 

June 4

On the second day of the MPPC Meeting, the main TV station came into the meeting, videotaped some of the Node reports, and then it broadcast a couple of hours later. The Node reports showed an increasing quality and impact around the world. You can see their reports at: There are now 49 Nodes around the world.

June 5

The faculty of the Diplomatic Academy and MP participants met to discuss the future and why accelerating global change should be added to their curriculum. Then they met with senior analysts of the Central Bank and discussed a broad range of issues from their ten-year plan for education to the concept of a Tele-Nation as being developed in Tele-Montenegro and up-dating the Azerbaijan State of the Future Index.

The week was sponsored by the Azerbaijan Future Studies Society, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Communications, Azerbaijan State Economic University, and the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Azerbaijan.

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Jerome C. Glenn, CEO

The Millennium Project

Global Futures Intelligence System