Top Davos stories; what we know about future jobs; education 4.0

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Yuval Hariri’s blistering warning to Davos — including 3 existential threats.
? Explore: Global Risks

A house on fire and a reskilling revolution. The 8 top stories from Davos.
? Explore: Climate Change



In Focus: The 2020 Annual Meeting

Earth will survive; we may not. Climate change discussions at Davos.

Google’s CEO on what to expect from AI and quantum computing.

The books that Microsoft’s CEO discussed at Davos.

How to accelerate the low-carbon economy: get the incentives right.

Top quotes from Davos’ youngest change-makers.


On the Agenda

5 things we know about future jobs  — including the gender skills imbalance.

When nations are a problem, cities may be the solution.

Education 4.0 requires more tech — and more play.


On our radar

Women at the top. Female representation among the ultra-wealthy.

Something to do while procrastinating: write the Lord of the Rings.

A sustainable impact leader shares his Davos experience.

Rebottle the Gini: why a common measure of inequality falls short.

No more multiverses, please. What’s wrong with physics.