Banks In The Cross-Hairs!!

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“Ethical Markets thanks these young activists for keeping the big issues of biodiversity and climate change on the agendas of traditional finance!!  We hope they can also help us circulate our “TRANSFORMING FINANCE“ statement, now signed by 100 professionals, launched in 2010 see

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

We did it!

Last Thursday, some of the world’s biggest banks met in Paris for a ‘Climate Finance Day’, a huge public relations stunt designed to convince investors that the financial institutions are climate-friendly.

But we know these banks do not care about our climate, just their profits — the likes of HSBC, BlackRock and AXA finance tens of billions of dollars to agribusiness corporations that destroy the Amazon rainforest.

Thanks to SumOfUs members like you, our friends at Reclaim Finance, Canopée and Friends of the Earth were there to call out their Amazon-killing investments with a huge billboard, right at the entrance of the event!

Activists from Reclaim Finance, Canopée and Friends of the Earth in front of the entrance of the


Climate Finance Day event 

Our friend Lucie from Reclaim Finance, who attended the event, said the billboard was THE topic of discussion for participants. As people filed into the building, journalists and clients alike were snapping photos of the action and sharing it on social media.

Our message was unmissable — and you can bet HSBC, BlackRock, AXA and the rest of the Amazon-destroying banks are worried.

This action was just the first public warning to Amazon-wrecking banks. So far, only 5 financial institutions have told us they’re ready to take action on soy deforestation, and none of them have committed to actually stopping financing to the companies clear cutting the Amazon.


Activist holding a banner “Deforestation: Stop complicity”, in front of the billboard broadcasting the names of the financial actors involved.

Indigenous communities have nurtured the Amazon for thousands of years. They’re paying for these investment deals with their lives. And with your ongoing support, we can keep powering this campaign to help save these communities.

Hazel, will you support this fight with a one-off gift?

Activists from Reclaim Finance, Canopée and Friends of the Earth in front of the entrance of the Climate Finance Day event 

Stay tuned, we’ll tell you more very soon!

Thanks for all that you do, Leyla, Angus and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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