The Way Out: Hunter Honored with Multiple Awards!

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We at Ethical Markets congratulate our good friend and colleaugue Hunter Lovins for these prestigious and well-deserved Awards! – Hazel Henderson, Editor

Natural Capitalism is gaining recognition east and west. Last month Hunter received the Rachel Carson Award in New York City. This month NCS is focusing on Employee Engagement creating articles that are being published in Sustainable Brands. Our article in transforming education for sustainability was in Sustainable Industries. In the upcoming months NCS will launch three separate exciting academic programs. Read on to learn how NCS is implementing sustainability and driving change.

Toby Russell (C.E.O.)

Hunter Honored as 2012 Rachel Carson Award Recipient

The National Audubon Society recently recognized our Hunter as an environmental pioneer. Hunter was given the prestigious Rachel Carson Award, which honors visionary women whose dedication, talent, and energy have advanced environmental educational locally and globally.

Allison Rockefeller stressed its value as “one of the most coveted awards for American women in the environmental and conservation movement.” She emphasized the social significance and longevity of the Award, noting, “Women have played an enormous role in environmental and conservation leadership and this award recognizes and celebrates their work, and influences a younger generation of girls and women to do the same.”

Named after Rachel Carson, author of the seminal Silent Spring and a forerunner of the modern environmental movement, this year’s Award was particularly special, as 2012 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the book’s publication (read more).

Breaking News: Hunter just received word that she will be given the Women In Green Forum Trailblazer Award and Care2 Impact Award at the upcoming Women In Green Forum on to be held in Santa Monica on August 28-29. Read more…