The Slow Money Letter: September 2014: BeetCoin

Jay Owen Community Development Solutions, Beyond GDP

Dear Slow Money Friend,

Our summer was eventful and this fall is shaping up to be even more eventful.

Over the past several months, our growth has continued apace. We’ve now got 20 local networks and 13 investment clubs, and we’ve passed $38 million in funding to 350 small food enterprises.

Looking ahead, November’s gathering in Louisville, KY promises to be a threshold for us. We will be hosting our first Master Class for local leaders there. We will be issuing our first State of the Sector Report. The event program features everything from an opening with Wendell Berry to a closing panel with leaders of Slow Food, Slow Money and Slow Church.

Slow Church? you ask. Well, if you’re curious about that, you might also be curious about BEETCOIN.