The Globalist: Carried Away by the Shale Gale

Jay Owen Trendspotting

October 22, 2013

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U.S. shale mirage

Carried Away by the Shale Gale

Prakash Loungani | Is the so-called shale boom in the United States just hype?

U.S. Shale Gas: All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Stephan Richter | The shale boom in the United States isn’t the game-changer its proponents claim.

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The Double-Faced Digital Revolution

Joachim Gauck | Until now we, as simple “users,” have given little thought to where this profound technical change will lead us.

The Russia Putin Grew Up In

Alexei Bayer | A work of fiction, Murder at the Dacha, portrays a Russia of the past — and the present.

NSA on Steroids: Georgia Republic’s Mass Surveillance

Chris Walker and Morgan Hartley | The Republic of Georgia offers an object lesson on the dangers of an out-of-control security apparatus.

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Salon: 15 Urgent Fixes for America’s Failing State

Stephan Richter | October 21, 2013TG Version

Book of the Week

Murder at the Dacha

Alexei Bayer (RIS, 2013) | Excerpt | Buy your copy

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US as a Failing State?

Stephan Richter | A country’s success or failure must be measured against its inherent potential.

The Democratization of Banking

Robert J. Shiller | Do we need to repeat the 19th-century savings bank movement for the 21st century?