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August 2014 • Special

The September-October 2014 issue of THE FUTURIST is out now, featuring a special report on Futures Education. Members and subscribers should soon be receiving their copies, and may log on at for digital access. Here’s an overview of what’s inside the current issue:

Futures Education: Teaching and Learning about the Future

By Members and Friends of the World Future Society

Futures Studies as it has evolved since the early 1970s is both a discipline and a meta-discipline. It is a set of skills and applied methodologies that can be learned—in impressively diverse ways—and it is a dynamic way of coming to understand the world that is practical and empowering.

For this special report, we called for essays from futurists who have experienced futures education, be it through a variety of academic Futures Studies programs, such as the University of Houston, or in the real world. Read more.

Seven Big Challenges for Pakistan — and the Lessons They Could Teach

By Imran Ali

Pakistan may be viewed as a case study of the fight for the survival of modern human civilization. Its complex and dangerous problems are not without possible solutions, and the strategies that the nation chooses provide a model for the rest of the world. Read more.

Our Global Situation and Prospects for the Future

By Jerome C. Glenn

Humanity is making momentous strides forward in health, literacy, and many other critical areas, but also stalling or moving backward on many others, warns The Millennium Project in its latest State of the Future report. Read more.

Future View: 10 Questions for Machine Intelligence

By Michael Lee

Is the Singularity as near as some believe? How might we assess its development? A futurist offers a checklist for comparing machine and human capabilities. Read more.

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