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May 2013

·        The Economics of Happiness On Demand

·        ISEC’s Learning from Ladakh Program

·        Localization Course at Schumacher College

·        International Permaculture Day

·        The Economics of Happiness Conference 2013 Update

·        In the Media

The Economics of Happiness On Demand is pleased to announce that The Economics of Happiness is now available On Demand for online viewing. For a fee of US$5, you can stream the film as often as you like over a one week period. We may soon be offering streamed versions of non-English translations of the film as well.

In order to stream the film, you’ll need internet access and a credit card or Paypal account, and you’ll need to create a vimeo account (free).

Please share this wonderful opportunity with your friends, colleagues and other networks.

Watch here.

ISEC’s Learning from Ladakh Program’s Learning from Ladakh Program will be available again this year during July, August and September. So if you’d like to spend some time living and working on a Ladakhi village farm while learning about developmental issues, globalization and localization, sign up now. Note that numbers will be limited, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applications are welcome from people of all ages and nationalities. Fees will be minimal and adjusted according to whether people are coming from the global South or the global North.

During the month of August, Helena Norberg-Hodge will be offering Global to Local workshops.

Visit our website for contact information and more details.

Localization Course at Schumacher College Norberg-Hodge will teach a course titled, “Economics of Happiness: Localization”, at Schumacher College in Totnes, UK from July 22-26. The course will examine the personal, social, ecological, and economic benefits of shifting direction – away from the globalizing economic path pushed by big business and government, towards more diverse, localized, and ecological economies rooted to place.

More information.

International Permaculture Day May 5, permaculture enthusiasts worldwide celebrated International Permaculture Day, with the theme, Grow Local Live! Over a 24-hour period, groups on every continent organized events that included seedswaps (Australia), “guerilla gardening” (Germany), the launch of a Permaculture Eco Village (Cameroon), rooftop farming workshops (Hong Kong), and many more. Throughout the day, interviews with leading activists were conducted and posted online. Helena Norberg-Hodge was the first interviewed, and you can watch it here.

The Economics of Happiness Conference 2013 Update

In case you missed our April e-mail update, the recent Economics of Happiness Conference in Byron Bay, Australia was a great success. On our website we’ve posted a photo gallery of speakers and participants, and we’ll be adding plenary talks and workshops to our video gallery as they become available. You’ll also find a short filmabout the conference on our video gallery.

In the Media

Elephant Journal

Martin Murphy says, “Want to save the world? Build a local economy!”  A certain documentary film was able to convince Mr. Murphy that localization is the way to go. 

Next World TV

Bibi Farber gives a glowing review of The Economics of Happiness. She also has a considerable list of new economy videos (and links to trailers).