Make Markets Be Markets, Why a Consumer Protection Agency Is Necessary

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Make Markets Be Markets
Posted: 03 Mar 2010 07:30 AM PST
I somehow got myself invited to this conference called Make Markets Be Markets.

Its a stellar line up of speakers: Elizabeth Warren, Simon Johnson, Frank Partnoy, George Soros, Joseph Stiglitz, Jim Chanos and others. Read more…

Why a Consumer Protection Agency Is Necessary
Posted: 03 Mar 2010 04:00 AM PST
What a splendid idea: A Consumer Finance Protection Agency whose sole purpose is to provide a set of standards for the finance industry when it comes to marketing their products to otherwise naive US consumers.

The original plan was to have a standard form for major finance purchases — mortgages, cars, revolving credit. This would allow consumers to 1) Understand the amount of money the  financing would cost them; 2) Determine if they could afford this product; 3) Allow them to shop competitively for the best rates. Read more…