Tell the Senate: Vote to reverse the Hobby Lobby decision now

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News

The Senate is poised to consider a bill this week that would reverse the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. Sen. Patty Murray, who introduced the Not My Boss’s Business Act with Sen. Mark Udall last week, is reaching out to Democracy for America members to help rally public support for it. Read Sen. Murray’s message below and tell the Senate to overturn Hobby Lobby! — Robert Cruickshank, Democracy for America

Hazel —

First of all, I want to thank Charles Chamberlain and my friends at Democracy for America for helping us build public support for the Not My Boss’s Business Act.

And, I’ve got some GREAT news to share — On Monday, Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to file for a vote on this important bill, which could happen as early as Wednesday.

Since Charles emailed on Thursday, more than 40,000 of your fellow DFA members have stood up for women and called for a vote, but we’ve not heard from you yet.

Tell the Senate: Pass the Not My Boss’s Business Act, and overturn the Hobby Lobby decision now!

Senator Mark Udall and I introduced this bill to help stop the Supreme Court turning the clock back on women’s rights, and to keep our promise to always stand up for women across America.

We’re proud to fight every day in the Senate to keep the gains women have made, but as you can see, it’s an uphill battle — and we need every last one of our allies across the nation to stand with us.

We only have a few days before this critical vote to overturn the misguided Hobby Lobby decision. We need your help to show the Tea Party, and their GOP allies that we’re always — ALWAYS — going to fight to protect women’s right to make their own choices about their health and their bodies.

Join us: Tell the Senate to pass the Not My Boss’s Business Act!

Thank you so much for your help — it means a lot to us in the Senate, and to women all over America.

Patty Murray
U.S. Senator