Syria: A Potent Alternative to Military Action

Jay OwenGlobal Citizen

“We at Ethical Markets fully support this sensible alternative to military action – Hazel Henderson, Ed.

President Obama has decided to take >his case for a military strike against the Assad regime to the U.S. Congress, with the aim of “firing a shot across the bow” of Syria.

As the typical Washington game of “manufacturing” consent unfolds, there has been little or no discussion in the United States of another potent action. This course of action has special appeal because it would have real and lasting consequences for the Assad family and its defenders. It would also be consequential enough to help deter future chemical weapon use.

This action is the indictment in the International Criminal Court (ICC) of Bashar Assad, his brother Maher (commander of the Republican Guard) and the identifiable senior military officers involved with Syrian chemical weapons use. The ICC is a permanent tribunal established in 2002 to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, as well as war crimes. It is empowered not only to convict and imprison, but also to obtain reparations from the convicted for their victims.