Special Report: Brené Brown, NWI, Lynne Twist + A Remarkable Gathering of Women

Jay Owen Global Citizen, Wealth of Networks

Calling the recent gathering of Brené Brown, Lynne Twist, Sara Vetter and four women Nobel Laureates, and other women leaders, “A Remarkable Gathering of Women Committed to Global Change” might be an understatement. As Sara Vetter reports in a new blog post with that title, this NYC meeting of women leaders was extraordinary. Its depth was reflected in both personal relationships—such as between Brené Brown and Lynne Twist, and between Sara Vetter and Leymah Gbowee—and more globally, as in the event’s title, “Daring to Lead.” Click here to read Sara’s detailed blog post and see more pictures.

2011 Nobel Peace Laureate, Leymah Gbowee, is the great leader of the women’s movement that ended the war in Liberia. At the gathering in New York, Leymah shared about a trip that she took to the Democratic Republic of Congo, a place where Sara had a life-altering experience, as shown in the video below.

Leymah told us that no matter what happened to the women in this part of the world, in every case—no matter how horrible their torture was, no matter how dark their sense of self was after they were abused, raped and wanted to die—they shared that other women came to their support. Each abused woman shared that the “women came to save them,” over and over.

Leymah said that we must recreate the narrative around the Congo. We must not call it the “Rape Capital of the World.” Rather, we should call it the “Capital of Sisterhood.”

Click Here to Read MoreIn this video, Sara Vetter shares a profound, life-changing experience that came while visiting women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Watch, learn and discover “the beautiful middle.”Soul of Money Events

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