SOPA and PIPA Dead — for Now

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News of the movement for January 20, 2012

Save the Internet

SOPA and PIPA Dead — for Now

House and Senate leaders have abandoned plans to move on SOPA and PIPA — the surest sign yet that a wave of online protests have killed the controversial anti-piracy legislation for now and maybe forever.

Jennifer Martinez, Politico

Web Blacks Out, Senators Defect

In the last 48 hours more than a dozen senators — including several co-sponsors — have jumped ship and come out against the Protect IP Act (PIPA), and today Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced he’s postponing next week’s vote on the bill. Meanwhile, Rep. Lamar Smith said that the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is also being shelved — for now.

Josh Levy,

SOPA Blackouts Inspired Protest Around the World

Millions of Americans responded to the historic SOPA and PIPA blackouts implemented by thousands of websites both large and small, but Americans weren’t the only ones moved to action. The whole world was watching, and the whole world chimed in.

Deborah Netburn, Los Angeles Times

How Hollywood Drives People to Piracy

Big media companies have been pushing SOPA and PIPA as a way to limit piracy, by removing consumers’ ability to find pirated content. But it’s not Google’s fault people are seeking out films online and watching pirated streams or downloads — it’s the studios’ fault for not making it easier for consumers to find and pay for that content instead.

Ryan Lawler, GigaOM

Media Policy at the FCC

Free Press Pleased That the FCC Will Examine Verizon/Cable Pacts

Verizon Wireless, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox and Bright House Networks announced that they would provide the FCC with copies of the companies’ joint marketing agreements to resell each other’s services. The joint marketing arrangements will now be scrutinized as part of the FCC’s proceeding examining Verizon’s companion deals to buy sizable chunks of wireless broadband spectrum from these same cable companies. These anti-competitive pacts to divide up the broadband market were announced last month.

Free Press

Sprint, Others Want More Info on Verizon/Cable Deals

C Spire Wireless, DirecTV, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA are among a group of companies and organizations that want more information in connection with Verizon Wireless’ pending $3.6 billion acquisition of spectrum from cable TV operators and the agreements entered into between the wireless giant and cable companies to jointly market products and services.

Josh Long, Vision2Mobile

Comment Window Opens for FCC Quadrennial Ownership Rules Review

The FCC’s latest quadrennial stab at revising its broadcast ownership rules has been published in the Federal Register, opening the comment period for the docket.

All Access Music Group

Sports Fans Score Huge Win with FCC Review of Blackouts

Blackouts have long frustrated sports fans, and last week, the FCC took a major step that could have huge implications for sports fans around the country. The agency is asking for public comments on a petition filed by Sports Fans Coalition and other public interest groups asking for the FCC to eliminate its sports blackout rule, which has been on the books since the mid-1970s.

Business Insider

Comcast Challenges FCC’s Decision on Tennis Channel Complaint

Comcast has challenged the FCC’s Tennis Channel program carriage complaint decision on two fronts. The cable operator asked the full commission to reverse the administrative law judge’s finding that it had discriminated against Tennis Channel and challenged the FCC for not dismissing the complaint initially because it was filed after the statute of limitations had expired. The cable operator also argued that even if the FCC commissioners do not reverse the ALJ, they should vacate the channel-placement order.

John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable

Journalism and Beyond

News International Settles with 37 Alleged Hacking Victims

News International has agreed to settle with 37 victims of News Group Newspapers’ alleged phone hacking. These latest revelations could affect the case against News Corp. in the U.S., where no charges have been officially filed against the company.

Emma Bazilian, AdWeek

Looking for Lessons in the Swift Boat Saga

In 2004, it was the Swift Boat ads. Today in Ohio, we’ve seen the Swift Beard ads. So is Ohio’s press corps prepared for the 2012 campaign?

T.C. Brown, Columbia Journalism Review

Bloomberg Jabs at Comcast on Anniversary of NBC Deal Approval

Business media giant Bloomberg LP is marking the upcoming one-year anniversary of the government’s approval of Comcast Corp.’s acquisition of NBCUniversal to remind regulators that it thinks the cable giant is disrespecting the feds.

Joe Flint, Los Angeles Times