Sony Goes Grid With Lithium Phosphate Batteries

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Sony Goes Grid With Lithium Phosphate Batteries
Now if they could only revitalize the TV business.

DR Automation Doesn’t Have to Mean Giving Up Control
Powerit Solutions is crossing the chasm between automated DR and customer control.

Milestone: 10 Gigawatts of Solar Panels in 2010, Part 1
As Solar Power International looms and we approach the milestone of 10 gigawatts of solar installed in 2010, Greentech Media asks a few solar luminaries to reflect on the event. You are welcome to add your voice.

Secretary Salazar Approves First-Ever Solar Plants on Federal Land
Federal Land: It’s not just for drilling oil anymore

Paris Motor Show EV Roundup
Some automakers have finally realized that they can make EVs more attractive to consumers by producing a sporty, exciting-looking product; other companies have not realized this and introduce concepts that look like marshmallows.

Panasonic Aims for Top Spot in Green Electronics
Batteries, fuel cells, semiconductors, air conditioners and ethanol cars: the Japanese giant has a lot underway.

Convergence in Ireland Will Bring Renewables to the Smart Grid
With a “Let’s get on with it” determination, Irish innovators are coming together to get the grid ready for renewables and to create something bigger than the sum of its parts.

BP Wind Energy: Undiscouraged and Still Building Wind Farms
Facing powerful challenges both in and outside the industry, BP Wind Energy is sticking to its development plans, working on solutions and taking the long view.

Fujitsu’s Take on Smart Grid: WisReed
It’s an ad-hoc mesh network that can travel farther than ZigBee. Plus, a 15-year quest to reduce power in optical networking is finally completed.

The Real History of Solar at the White House
Dear President and Congress: How about you stop the sideshow and enact an energy policy?