SDG Update – 15 September 2022

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Tracking Progress on the Road to 2030

UNDP Report Calls for Investment, Insurance, Innovation to Shape Our Future

UNDP’s latest Human Development Report identifies an emerging “uncertainty complex,” which is unsettling lives and impeding human development.  Read

Cooperation Needed to Correct Course on Gender Equality: UN Report

Cooperation, partnerships, and investments in achieving gender equality “are essential to correct the course and place gender equality back on track.” Read


UN Report Stresses “Urgent Need” to Accelerate Progress on SDG 4 in LAC

The report reveals an increased gender gap in access to tertiary education: by 2020, the gross enrollment rate in higher education was 61.7% for women and 46.8% for men, compared to an almost equal distribution in 2000. Read

HLPF Alert

48 Countries and the EU Interested in Presenting VNRs at HLPF 2023

Forty-eight countries and the EU have requested to be inscribed on the list of countries participating in the VNRs in 2023. Read

Data to Drive the SDGs

World Population Data Sheet 2022 Highlights Excess Deaths Due to COVID-19

Nearly 15 million excess deaths occurred globally in 2020-2021, but the pandemic’s impact on fertility rates was “less significant than expected and largely temporary.”  Read

How Digital Innovation Has Accelerated Monitoring of the World’s Forests

Ahead of the 26th Session of the FAO Committee on Forestry, our guest authors discuss global collaboration on open software and data to support sustainable forest management. Read


Partnerships to Drive the 2030 Agenda

EU Partners with Local Authorities to Support Sustainable Development

The five partnership agreements support “decentralized cooperation” on the SDGs among local and regional governments and their associations in the EU and partner countries. Read


Number of the Day

For the first time in the 32 years, the Human Development Index has declined globally for two years in a row. Read



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September Calendar

Events Calendar

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Third SDG Moment of the Decade of Action  (view)

19 September 2022 | New York City, US


Transforming Education Summit (view)

19 September 2022 |New York City, US


Ninth Session of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) (view)

19-24 September 2022 | New Delhi, Delhi, India


Eighteenth meeting of the Chemical Review Committee (CRC-18) (view)

19-23 September 2022 | Rome, Lazio, Italy



Eighteenth Meeting of the Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC-18) (view)

26-30 September 2022 | Rome, Lazio, Italy


57th session of the IPCC (IPCC 57) (view)

27-30 September 2022 |Geneva, Switzerland