Rethinking Finance: Good Servant, Bad Master

kristy Reforming Global Finance

Hazel Henderson is teaching again at Schumacher College for their course “Rethinking Finance: Good Servant, Bad Master?” with Ethical Markets Advisory Board members Tessa Tennant and Ann Pettifor, as well as Nathalie Buschor, Mark Burton and Julie Richardson.

Reforming finance is still urgent globally. For example, in the US, the Dodd-Frank law achieved little and over-burdened regulators, no match against Wall Street’s influence over US Congress. While we can be grateful that Larry Summers has gone, as Hazel Henderson called for in “Come Clean, Larry Summers” for his role in the financial meltdown, Tim Geithner still favors Wall Street at the US Treasury Department and needs to step down as well. We applaud Bloomberg for its fight to get the Fed to disclose fully all the loans made to banks in 2008, costing taxpayers $3.5 trillion over and above the $700 billion TARP bailout. And kudos to Charles Ferguson for his expose and film “Inside Job” which won an Oscar (DVD now at

This course explores the question of how to keep from returning to business as usual after the financial crisis of the past few years. What are the credible alternatives to the existing financial system? The course brings together people who believe there are ways to make money serve the interests of communities and ecosystems.

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