Represent.Us: Uniting To End Government Corruption

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The past week blew away my expectations. Our Represent.Us campaign launched last Tuesday to unite left-right-and-center in the fight against government corruption. Since then we’ve reached 250,941 people on Facebook.

That blows my mind. But with your help, it’ll be just the beginning.

Will you take 1 minute to help us reach a quarter million more people over the Thanksgiving holiday? It’s the perfect time to spread the word because more people are on Facebook during the holidays than any other time of year.

It’s easy, just click here to share this powerful video on Facebook and ask your friends to help you spread the word. Or if you don’t use Facebook, pitch in by forwarding the message at the bottom of this email to 5 or more friends.

Haven’t seen the video yet? Here’s the link to it on Youtube: Don’t forget to come back here and share it when you’re done watching.

Grassroots campaigns like this are all about momentum, and right now we’ve got it. With your help, we’ll keep the momentum going. It’s amazing how fast it multiplies.

Click here to share the Represent.Us video on your Facebook timeline and spread the word that it’s time to get corrupt money out of politics for good.

The video cuts straight to the heart. It shows people that the things they really care about ? the issues that matter to everyday Americans ? are dead-on-arrival until we get money out of politics and rebuild a government that represents us, the people.

This video works. People are getting the message loud and clear.

For every two people who watch the video, one joins our movement. That’s what it’s is all about: Reaching out to everyone ? left, right and center ? to ask them to stand side by side with us as we fight for a better America.

The Represent.Us video has already been shared by major organizations like and UpWorthy, and has been blogged about by cultural icons like Shepard Fairey. Will you join with them and take this one simple step to double the momentum we’ve already got going? Help our message reach 500,000 people.

Thanks for everything you do, and have a very happy Thanksgiving!

– Graham and the Represent.Us team.

Forward this to 5 or more friends right now:

Dear Friend:

Please take a minute right now to watch this powerful video. It will show you why the things that matter most to everyday Americans aren’t getting fixed by our broken government. Then, if you’re inspired like I was, take a minute to join me at www.Represent.Us and be part of the movement to fix the problem. We’ve got a plan to stop the government from always putting dirty lobbyists and special interests ahead of everyday Americans.

We’re going to make them represent us, the people.