Read the Bills! (2 of 2) – PBI Newsletter, 0511, Special Edition

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Dear Friends of PBI,
This is our work. We educate law and policy makers so they can write and pass legislation that creates

affordable credit for the very people whom they represent. Read the bills in this Special Edition of the Public Banking Newsletter and see the bills for yourself. Public banking is taking on different shapes, but there is no doubt that the framework of legislation is being built.

Eight bills have been submitted in eight statehouses since the Public Banking Institute was formed. This, in addition to the four from 2010. Is this a coincidence? This Special Edition (2 of 2) of the Newsletter has seven of the bills listed – the previous Special Edition (1 of 2) included five bills.

Clearly, we are contributing to a public banking movement. You can too. Will you help by making a one-time contribution or simply donate $10/month?

The most well-financed lobby in U.S. politics does not wish us success. We can speak truth to power, but our words need to be heard by many more than those on this mailing list. This movement is moving faster than our very limited capacity – we are having to decline our participation in numerous forums because of our meager budget.

But you can help by making a one-time or monthly donation. Your donation will directly further the work we are doing in Maine, Massachusetts, California, Washington, and other important states. We plan on having regional events that will help get the word out. But we need to fund them somehow, which is where you come in.

Thank you to those who have already responded and to those who now decide to provide financial support. This is OUR work.

Marc Armstrong
Executive Director
Public Banking Institute

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