Privacy, Trust and Data Mining on the Grid

kristy Green Prosperity

Privacy, Trust and Data Mining on the Grid
Data has to be examined and kept private at the same time. Can the industry thread that needle?

Khosla’s PVT Solar Raises $13.7M and Names Vikas Desai CEO
Hybrid solar electric and solar thermal system offers more bang for the buck.

Amryis Cuts IPO Price, But Stock Rises in Trading
The biofuel maker cut its IPO price to $16. But the stock is trading above $17.

Who Are the Players in the Smart Grid and How Much is the Market Worth?
GTM Research updates Smart Grid Market Taxonomy and sizes the market through 2015

BrightGrid Enters Residential Solar Financing Market
A new entry in the burgeoning home solar sector

Where Patents and Standards Collide in Smart Grid
A new ruling highlights the complementary nature–and ongoing tension–between intellectual property and standards-setting bodies.

Adobe Installs 1.2 MW of Bloom Boxes—Cheaper Than Grid Power
The software giant will get one-third of its power at HQ from Bloom Energy at rates that are one-third less costly.

Arnold Lashes Out at Valero, Prop 23
The Governator compares the push to overturn California’s greenhouse gas regulations to the light rail conspiracy of the 1920s, but offers little in the way of criticism of Whitman.