Press Release – Sinal do Vale Partnership with IUCN

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“Ethical Markets proudly congratulates our esteemed Brazilian partner, Sino Do Vale in this important recognition by IUCN and their new partnership.   See our TV shows with SINAL’s founder Thais Corral “Trends Toward Sustainability in Brazil”  and “The Personal Journey of Brazilian Leader Thais Corral”   Bravo!

~ Hazel Henderson, Editor”


Sinal do Vale chosen as Partner Site of IUCN

Sinal do Vale Institute (SINAL) has been selected as a Partner Site for the IUCN’s Incubator for Nature Conservation. Initiatives from all around the world submitted project proposals of innovative mechanisms to finance conservation, and SINAL was one of 10 selected by the IUCN’s Environmental Law Centre for its potential.

In the coming years, SINAL and IUCN will work together to implement SINAL’s strategy designed to make a sustainable use of the endangered Atlantic Rainforest, one of the mega diverse biomes of the world, and the source of fresh water for 70% of Brazil’s population. Ultimately, the ten chosen sites will serve as global references for setting up “workable financing systems in protected areas around the world.”

SINAL is a local-global learning center for the transition to a sustainable future, certified as one of two Global Ecosphere Retreats in Brazil by the Long Run Initiative, and the host of Ethical Market Brazil.

With its regenerative agriculture and cuisine model, it is developing an innovative landscape management strategy aimed to regenerate the buffer zone between a protected area of the Atlantic Rainforest and the urban sprawl of Rio de Janeiro, while creating job opportunities for the local communities.