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The Placemaking Leadership Council is being formed at a unique moment in time.

The Right to Contribute:
A Report from the Placemaking Leadership Council

On April 11-13, more than three hundred Placemakers from all walks of life gathered in Detroit, Michigan, for the inaugural meeting of the Placemaking Leadership Council. Today, on the eve of Earth Day, PPS President Fred Kent recalls his experience with the environmental movement’s first big Earth Day celebration, and looks at the role that the Council began to define for itself in building awareness of the transformative power of place. “I believe,” he writes, “that we are at a moment when the Placemaking movement is ready for its Earth Day.

Click here to read about why Fred thinks that the Placemaking movement is ready for its Earth Day!

Check out some of the wisest words from the Placemaking Leadership Council's inaugural meeting.

Overheard in Detroit: Ten Great Quotes from the Placemaking Leadership Council

Put hundreds of Placemakers together for two and a half days, and you’re bound to walk away buzzing with new insight. We’ve attempted to distill a bit of that excitement & wisdom here for everyone who couldn’t make it to Detroit.

April 27th is just around the corner!

GOOD Magazine’s First-Ever Neighborday is April 27th!

Looking for a good opportunity to get to work on becoming a Citizen Placemaker? The first Neighborday, organized by GOOD magazine, is just around the corner! Get involved and get to know the people who make up your community.

Building attachment to place starts with optimism & a focus on local strengths

Learning from Knight’s Soul of the Community, Leaning Toward the Future of Placemaking

This special guest post by Dr. Katherine Loflin breaks down 9 of the key takeaways from Knight Foundation’s Soul study, explaining how the data gathered makes the case for great places as economic drivers.

Don't miss Julie Campoli's "dazzling" new book that illustrates the richness of place

Book Review: Made for Walking: Density & Neighborhood Form

PPS’s Brendan Crain reviews a new book by Julie Campoli (Visualizing Density), that beautifully illustrates why it’s not physical density itself, but the richness of place that influences peoples’ decisions on whether to walk.

And some Placemaking highlights from around the ‘web:

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