On Wind, Obama Sees a Clean Energy Winner

kristy Greentech

August 17, 2012


News | Wind


On Wind, Obama Sees a Clean Energy Winner
Earthtechling, Pete Danko – August 16, 2012
During Wind Week, President Obama visits Iowa and the DOE releases a report on wind power in the U.S.

News | Grid Storage


Can and Should Grid-Scale Energy Storage Be Mandated?
Johanna Knapschaefer – August 16, 2012
California’s legislation, iron-air battery research, and Beacon Power lives on

Research & Analysis | Green Building


LED Fixture Prices Fall 24% in Two Years—How Much Lower Can They Go?
Jon Guerster of Groom Energy – August 16, 2012
Enterprise LED pricing could soon use dollars per footcandle as a performance metric.

News | Smart Grid


OutBack Power, Going Where Microgrids and Solar Align
Jeff St. John – August 16, 2012
A leader in remote solar-powered microgrids says the grid-connected solar competition could learn some lessons from its off-grid experience.

Perspectives | Software & Applications


Does Your Utility Need a Hackathon?
Katherine Tweed – August 16, 2012
“Make the data sexy; make the data fun,” said DJ Patil. “People don’t like to look at crap.”

Research & Analysis | Solar


Global PV Monitoring: Uncovering the Market’s Value and True Leaders, Part II
Cedric Brehaut – August 16, 2012
Everyone and their mother claims to be a leader in PV monitoring, but what’s the straight story?