October 2019 Policy Update

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Summit Main Sessions Unveil How to
Make Capitalism Work for All
What will it take to reverse America’s falling standard of living? Curtail climate change? Update our decrepit infrastructure? Culling the best ideas from a wide range of thought leaders, Summit plenary sessions offer focused, rich discussions on crucial issues.

Following a welcome by Jeffrey Hollender, ASBC’s co-founder, board chair and CEO, we get right to Our Economic Future – Can Capitalism Be Saved? Panelists discuss the root causes of today’s inequitable, destructive shareholder economy and the systemic reforms that can rebuild America’s once-broad prosperity and restore the free market’s promise of real business competition.

Next, we’ll lay out steps in Moving from a Shareholder to a Stakeholder Economy: Building A Progressive Business Agenda For 2020. We’ll hear from thought leaders on how we can tackle the stratifying, economically limiting aspects of our current, next-quarter’s-profits-centric approach and incentivize triple-bottom-line values for sustainable success.

In Making Capitalism Work in States, Cities & Rural Communities, we’ll learn how, despite D.C., state and local governments are pursuing visionary public investments in jobs training, higher wages, Main Street projects, green infrastructure and more. We’ll also see how the SBA and capital markets can support business that yields positive social impact, and how rural America can thrive in the midst of urbanization and globalization.

Because we’re deadly serious about creating a livable future, Dec. 10’s sessions round out with Capitalism and Activism: Thoughts from Gen Z and Millennial Leaders. Upcoming generations have the most to win or lose in our capitalist system, and we’ll hear how these purpose-driven, media-savvy leaders are already changing how we view climate change, economic justice, diversity and inclusion, and more. On hearing them, you’ll be glad we’re going to Capitol Hill on Dec. 11 to advocate for their future!


These are just some of the valuable learning and networking events you’ll experience at the Summit. We’ve retooled registration fees to encourage the widest possible attendance, so bring your team and join us Dec. 10-11 at this formidable business meeting, and let’s start making capitalism work for all. There’s no time to lose!