Obama on Reddit, Crowdfunding Guns and Dirty Pictures – The Crowded Room Podcast

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Equity-based crowdfunding platform EarlyShares announced today that it acquired HelpersUnite from Crowdnetic. The acquisition of the donation-based platform reflects EarlyShares’ desire to expand its portfolio and jump into the crowdfunding space as soon as it can. EarlyShares CEO Maurice Lopes spoke with Crowdsourcing.org about the deal.

Obama on Reddit, Crowdfunding Guns and Dirty Pictures – The Crowded Room Podcast

In this episode of the Crowded Room, Crowdsourcing.org editors Eric Mack, Anton Root and Eric Blattberg discuss the top crowdsourcing and crowdfunding projects of the week, including President Obama’s “Ask me anything” session on Reddit, Deadspin’s “cockstarter” campaign, a crowdfunded, 3D-printable gun and more.

What Can Crowdfunding Do for Jobs in America? [Infographic]

With so much talk about jobs this campaign, crowdfunding could provide a much-needed boost to small businesses and entrepreneurs to help grow their companies and hire more employees. But how much money can crowdfunding unlock? This infographic goes into some of the numbers around small businesses’ access to capital and their effect on employment.

Mattel Turns to Open Innovation, Pairs with Genius Crowds

Mattel, a toy maker responsible for brands like Barbie, Hot Wheels, and American Girl, announced that it is pairing up with the crowdsourced idea generation platform Genius Crowds. The toy maker is looking for ideas from the crowd specifically for its Hot Wheels and Barbie branded children’s bicycles.

Kickstarter Darling Pebble Smart Watch Backers Still Waiting

Rumblings of problems with Pebble’s ability to meet its own fulfillment deadlines are getting louder. The 85,000 people who collectively chipped in millions to the company’s record-setting Kickstarter campaign for a “smart watch” that can sync up with a smartphone are still waiting for the rewards they were promised.

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