New Metrics of Sustainable Business September 27-28, 2012

Ethical Markets Conferences

The Sustainable Brands community Issues in Focus: The New Metrics of Sustainable Business conference will explore the future of smarter business metrics. Ethical Markets is a media partner with correspondent Paul Glover, a pioneer of local development and sustainable communities, attending. This two-day event, in partnership with The Wharton School, examines leading-edge work that expands the way business can create, quantify, manage and communicate value; measure the environmental and social impacts of business activity; and find new ways to translate shared value activities into enhanced financial performance in the 21st century.

Industry leaders, top sustainability strategists and financial and non-financial managers from a variety of sectors will collaborate and lead interactive discussion on a range of issues, including measuring the ROI of sustainability initiatives; valuing ecosystem services; adding environmental impact and human capital onto the balance sheet; and putting goals in context. Other topics to explore include incentivizing and maximizing employee engagement, well-being and valuation; tying environmental and social initiatives to enhanced shareholder value; extending value throughout the entire supply chain; how impact investing might enable new corporate sustainability initiatives by changing the way we measure ROI; The growing role of materiality in how companies are, or should be, measuring and reporting impact; and more.  This is part of an important conversation which began with Sustainable Brands first New Metrics event at The Wharton School in 2011.

September 27-28, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA. Learn more:  Register with Ethical Markets discount code NWethicmNM.