New GTM Research Report: US Smart Grid Market Forecast: 2010-2015

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GTM Research’s latest report, US Smart Grid Market Forecast: 2010–2015 is now available for purchase! This report examines the evolving issues of the Smart Grid industry. GTM Research’s analysis includes the most critical market trends, a detailed forecast of the market over the next five years, and provides an update of our Smart Grid Vendor Taxonomy, in addition to offering insight into how different players and sub-markets are positioned to move forward.

Visit the report website here for more information on the report’s content and to download a free Executive Summary.

Questions for Competitive Decision-making

• How large is the total Smart Grid market and what are the sizes of the industry’s sub-markets?
• What are the underlying costs of major components that contribute to the Smart Grid?
• How will the Smart Grid evolve beyond smart meter deployment?
• Which applications and technologies will play a greater role in next phase grid build-out?
• Which Smart Grid submarket is primed for business growth opportunities through 2015?
• What are the best ways utilities can apply their resources to optimize Smart Grid investments?

Value-added Elements

• Overall market outlooks with drill down to specific submarket projections
• Bottom-up forecast analysis
• Component costs from smart meter communication cards to capacitor banks
• Vendor implications within evolving Smart Grid ecosystem
• Competitive positioning of start-ups and market entrants

US Smart Grid Market Forecast: 2010–2015 contains critical intelligence for consultants, market analysts, investment, and Smart Grid professionals. You can download your free executive summary at the report’s website:

For additional information on the report’s content, please contact Tate Ishimuro via email [email protected].