New Economics Institute Appoints Bob Massie President/CEO

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Ethical Markets welcomes this good news on Bob Massie’s appointment to lead the New Economics Institute with our congratulations!

Hazel Henderson, Editor


The Board of Directors and Staff of the New Economics Institute are
delighted to announce that Robert K. Massie has been appointed President and
Chief Executive Officer of the organization effective March 19, 2012.

Massie is an extraordinary individual with a rich background in social and
economic change, theology, business, and politics. From 1996 to 2003
Massie served as Executive Director of Ceres, the largest US coalition of
investors, environmental organizations and other public interest groups
working to address sustainability challenges. While at Ceres, Massie led the
launch of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a path breaking
collaboration with the UN Environment Programme, of which he became Chair of
the initial Steering Committee.

After leading the GRI, he also helped to establish the Investor Network on
Climate Risk, another project of Ceres that brought together trillions of
dollars of pension and investment assets to work on the financial
consequences of climate change. He has held various distinguished teaching
and fellowship positions, many of them at Harvard University.

“America has entered a vital historic phase in which many of our important
institutions and assumptions are changing,” said Massie, “The New Economics
Institute is at the center of a vast constellation of creative ideas and
actions that are giving form and vitality to positive change. The new
economy is coming into being all around us — not just in the United States
but around the world — and we need to hasten its arrival. I am delighted
and honored to play my part.”

This appointment marks the highly successful conclusion of an executive
search conducted by the board of directors over a year. It also completes
the transition of the thirty-year-old E. F. Schumacher Society into the New
Economics Institute ( The transition was
undertaken to enable the organization to meet the challenge and opportunity,
created by current global financial conditions, to bring its mission to a
wider audience. With Massie on board, the Institute is in a strong position
to realize its ambitious goal of effecting a change to an economy that gives
priority to supporting human well-being and Earth¹s natural systems.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Bob Massie after March
19th, please contact Jessica Brackman, Chair of the Search Committee at
jbrackma[email protected] or Susan Witt, Education Director at
[email protected]

As a first order of business, Massie will lead the management and
coordination of the Strategies for a New Economy conference, scheduled for
June 8-10 at Bard College ( This
event will gather together leaders now working in a range of disciplines to
reshape our economic system. Building the basis for a new economy will mean
engaging politicians, researchers, media, educators, citizen activists,
business executives, financial experts, scientists, union workers, cultural
innovators, advocates for the disenfranchised, and youth?all working to
achieve a common objective.

Conference registration is now open. We invite you to join us at Bard
College to welcome Bob Massie as our new President and to be part of an
exceptional gathering of audience and speakers intent on creating positive
economic change.

Best wishes,
Staff of the New Economics Institute:
Vivian Barlach Albertini, Camille Goulding, Scott Grimm-Lyon, Susan
Ingersoll, Nicholas Kacher, Katharine Millonzi, Carina Millstone, Debbie
Pierce, and Susan Witt

Board of Directors: Gar Alperovitz, Jessica Brackman, Eric Harris-Braun,
John Fullerton, Neva Goodwin, Hildegarde Hannum, Dan Levinson, Richard
Norgaard, David Orr, Will Raap, Gus Speth, Peter Victor, Stewart Wallis, and
Tim Wirth.

Advisory Board: Peter Barnes, Merrian Goggio Borgeson, Bill McKibben, Otto
Scharmer, Doug Tompkins, and Robert Wade.
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