National Update

kristy Global Citizen

Centre for Civil Society
Consumer Family and Citizen Empowerment

November 2011

In this issue:

Afif Tabsh Arab Spring, the Economy and Social Entrepreneurship
Filippo Addarii The European Social Business Initiative
Jude Foster Health consumers and social innovation
Rachel Botsman Collaborative Consumption – Trust Between Strangers
Luke Bretherton Hospitality not Tolerance, Civil Society not Social Cohesion
Voluntary Activity Only 31% of Australians do voluntary activity? Why?
Ageing Australia A ten point program for self-directed, connected ageing
Elisabeth Wynhausen Unemployed and wrapped in red tape
Summit 2012 Reforming Public Services Towards citizen-centred social
policy and empowered users of public services
Public Services Inside Out Putting co-production into practice
TACSI Working with Citizens – Without Any Citizens!
Social Enterprise Australia Leadership in social entrepreneurship
National Conference Social Innovation, Social Enterprise, Social Change:
Can Citizens, Entrepreneurs, Institutions and Governments Work Together
in Transforming Australia? 18-19 June 2012
Kate Lawrence Call to Action: National community-led disaster organisation
Self-Directed Services and Personal Budgets Expressions of Interest
Volunteer Three roles available with the Centre for Civil Society
Organising by Federal Electorate Become involved in your area

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