[MP-PC] Video for Future Day celebrations and the 15 Global Challenges

Jay OwenGlobal Citizen, Trendspotting

Here is a 3.26 minute video for Future Day March 1st with 15 Global Challenges created by our new intern Katie Beverlin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho0geGOlMDg. Please circulate as you like and translate and edit as you like.


If you are not listed below yet, but would like to help facilitate a time zone on Future Day, Saturday March 1st, please let me know – directly rather that hitting reply to all filling up everyone’s email inbox. Elizabeth will send out a PRWeb press release on all this on Tuesday, and I will send updates beforeMarch 1st. In the meantime, here are some questions I’ve been asked:


·       What does facilitator involve doing? Going to www.themp.org, clicking on Future Day (this button won’t be up until the night before), around noon in your ·       What about dead air in the ‘over ocean’ 12 noon and stay longer, so the “dead air in the over ocean time zones” can be filled as people like, unless we can get a few dolphins to facilitate.

·       Are there a few over-arching questions for the ·       What is someone is already listed for my time zone and I would like to volunteer to help facilitate? There can be several  

Here is the list so far, and yet, I will organize by time zones and resent to all in a few days.


Time Zone

Zhoying Jin, MP

[email protected]

Beijing, China

John A. Sweeney, WFSF liaison

[email protected]


Fernando Ortega, MP[email protected]

Peru not noon but 6PM

Eleonora Masini, WFSF and MP

[email protected]

12 noon Rome, Italy

Jose Cordeiro, MP

[email protected]

Peru not noon but 9 am to 11am

Roey Tzezana, MP[email protected]

Israel – 12 noon

Wendy L Schultz, APF[email protected]

London – 12 noon

Stephanie Pride, WFSFstephaniepridestratedgy@gmail.com

New Zealand – 12 noon

Cindy Frewen, APF[email protected]

Central 12 noon

Farzad Khandan, WFSF[email protected]

Iran  +3:30 GMT

Joel Barker and Bryan Alexander, APF

Bridgette Engeler Newbury, APF

Melbourne, Australia

Hind AlMualla, MP[email protected]

Dubai, UAE

Heiner Benking, MP

[email protected]

Berlin, Germany

Ali Ali Kharrazi, APF

[email protected]

Tokyo, Japan

Kate McCallum and Ed Lantz, MP[email protected]

Los Angeles, U.S.

Concepción Olavarrieta, MP[email protected]

mexico City, Mexico

Lisa Santillo, Club of Amsterdam


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jerome Glenn, MP


Washington, D.C, U.S.