May Day is Coming! This is our big event of the Spring, and we need your support!

kristy Global Citizen

May Day is Coming! This is our big event of the Spring, and we need your support!

For the past four months, much of our energy at Occupy Wall Street has been devoted to preparing for a historic May Day: No Work! No School! No Shopping! No Banking! Take The Streets! May Day will be the biggest Day of Action in the history of OWS; it will be the culmination of our Spring Offensive against the 1%, and the kickoff for what promises to be a truly transformative Summer.

The most important way you can show your support is by joining us in the streets on May Day! But we also need financial and material resources to spread the word and to support actions. Please donate below- now is the time to strike!

May Day 2012 in New York City begins at 8 AM, with a “pop-up occupation” at Bryant Park with free food, art, speak-outs, and legal support. Bryant Park will also be the hub for “99 Pickets,” a series of protests targeting sites of corporate power throughout Midtown Manhattan. At 2 PM, OWS will march to Union Square, where we will join in a historic rally at 4 PM with our allies in organized labor and the immigrant rights movement. The rally will include performances by artists including Dan Deacon, Tom Morello, and the New York Labor Chorus. At 5:30, we will march with the coalition to Wall Street in a show of solidarity with the 99%.

May Day is a critical opportunity to energize the movement, engage with the people of New York, and to imagine alternatives to the current system. Please support May Day through your presence in the streets and your material support.

Let Freedom Spring!

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