LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow Campaign Breaks Kickstarter Record, Raises $5.4M

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LeVar Burton?s Reading Rainbow Breaks Kickstarter Record — LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow campaign got off to such a great start that it seemed like it was only a matter of time before it broke some sort of a record. Indeed, that’s just what took place on Monday, as Kickstarter tweeted out that Reading Rainbow is now the project backed by the most number of people on its platform.


Indiana?s Equity Crowdfunding Law Goes into Effect

The Invest Indiana Crowdfunding Exemption, which was signed into law by Governor Mike Pence back in April, allows Indiana?s entrepreneurs to collect up to $2 million from Indiana residents via the web; the investors can put in up to $5000 per opportunity.

Applause Announces IBM Alliance

Applause, the software and app quality company that makes use of crowdsourced testing, announced yesterday an ?ongoing technology collaboration? with IBM. The two firms hope that the partnership will lead to better offerings for clients in the app quality space; the companies will also work on thought leadership in the app quality space.

Michigan Creates Crowdfunding Program for ?Placemaking Projects?

Last week, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) announced that it has partnered up with the Michigan Municipal League and the crowdfunding platform Patronicity to finance parks, alley reconstructions, trails, plazas, and the like. The initiative, named Public Spaces Community Places, can help in not only funding the projects, but also identifying community interest in altering their neighborhoods.

JumpStart Africa Hopes to Empower the Continent?s Entrepreneurs

We profile JumpStart Africa, a crowdfunding platform for creatives and entrepreneurs on the continent. Operating in a region made up of developing nations poses a unique set of challenges, find out how founder and CEO Ahmed Zrikem hopes to overcome them after the jump.

CrowdFunding4All, the Turbo-Charged Search Engine with Benefits

Crowdfunding coach Rose Spinelli writes in with her last ever tip of the week, highlighting a crowdfunding search engine. Fret not, however, as she’ll be back soon with a new Q&A column, answering your crowdfunding questions.

500 Startups Partners with SeedInvest for New Fund

500 Startups, the vc fund and accelerator, announced last week that it’s raising $100 million for its third flagship fund. To help finance it, the company partnered up with SeedInvest, which created a custom platform for the accelerator and is helping with investor accreditation verification, as well as other services.

Inside the Sacramento Kings? ?Draft 3.0?

Grantland?s Jonathan Hock, a filmmaker, decided to take his camera and follow along as the Kings went on their crowdsourcing journey. The multi-part documentary debuted last week, with the first episode focusing specifically on the crowd.