Latest news from Thomas Greco — November 2019

Jay Owen Reforming Global Finance, Beyond GDP

  • The End of Money and the Future of Civilization now published in Spanish
  • There once was a river …an allegorical tale
  • My latest interview on Ellen Brown’s podcast, It’s Our Money
  • California passes Public Banking Act into law
  • Open Credit Network moving forward
  • Economic Rebellion–pathway toward the New Economy




The End of Money and the Future of Civilization now published in Spanish
I’ve waited ten years for it to happen but I’m delighted to announce that, thanks to the efforts of translator Enric Montesa and editor Julio Fernández, my book, The End of Money and the Future of Civilization, is now available in Spanish. The Spanish language edition, titled El Fin del Dinero y el Futuro de la Civilización, can be ordered from the publisher, Ediciones Kaicron, at their website. Please help spread the word to your networks of Spanish speakers.

There once was a river …an allegorical tale

Last Spring I had a flash of inspiration about how to better convey an understanding of the fundamental unfairness of the dominant system of money and banking, and the misery it has visited upon the world. Over time this insight took form as a parable which I wrote up and lately have narrated and recorded. In the first 24 hours after posting it on my website it was downloaded more than 100 times. That suggests to me that it may have struck a resonant chord.

You can listen to my telling of the story, and follow the text on my website or on my YouTube channel.

My latest interview on Ellen Brown’s podcast, It’s Our Money
On Ellen’s October 10 podcast California Dreaming Becomes Reality, on which I was the featured guest, I argue that our best hope for escaping recurrent financial crises and the tyranny of the global banking cartel lies in creating a decentralized network of exchange in which credit is locally controlled and allocated based on the productive capacity of community economies and personal relationships that enable the development of networks of trust.

This episode begins with a report by David Jette of the California Public Banking Alliance on the landmark public banking legislation that was recently passed into law in California. David describes what this act enables and the long and arduous process of getting it passed. My interview begins at 27:25. If you want to skip the first part and jump straight to my interview, you can find the abridged podcast file on my website.
California passes Public Banking Act into law
For more about this “historic step forward,” read on.
Gov. Gavin Newsom signs the Public Banking Act into California law!
The California Public Banking Alliance has made this announcement:
“WE JUST MADE HISTORY!!! Governor Gavin Newsom just signed #AB857 Public Banks into law, making it possible for California cities and counties to take control of our own future. AB 857 is a victory fueled 100% by people power … With no budget, no lobbyists, and no playbook, we made our case for public banking — and for the first law of its kind in the nation. … The future is here — and California is leading the way for the rest of the nation.”
Open Credit Network moves forward
As mentioned previously, I’ve been working with a group in the UK to revolutionize economics by shifting power to people and our communities. The Open Credit Network is working to organize a credit clearing network that can level the playing field for small and medium sized and cooperative businesses and pave the way toward a new sustainable and equitable economy. View this new two and a half minute professionally produced promotional video, Introduction to mutual credit and the Open Credit Network, that describes what open credit is all about, and, Introducing Mutual Credit, that tells briefly how it works.