Latest FFD-Africa newsletter on Foresight and the Economy


Foresight and the Economy

The future of economies is a source of great uncertainty and concern globally. How will Africa engage with the questions, opportunities and challenges, and how can the continent adapt to unfolding futures? What will the implications be? How can Africa move forward and become economically stronger despite the challenges looming? This month, FFD looks at foresight and the economy, with a focus on Africa. The impact of the previous economic downturn on Africa was less severe compared to the rest of the world but will Africa prove to be resilient through the continuing flux?

Every month FFD features a topical article related to the month’s theme. For this feature on economy, we present an extract from a recently published chapter, Economic Growth and Human Development Challenges for Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa, authored by Rasigan Maharajh and Mario Scerri (Chapter 2 in the Africa Union’s African Innovation Outlook 2010).

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