Introducing the Humanity Rising Global Solutions Summit!

Jay Owen Global Citizen, Latest Headlines

“Ethical Markets highly recommends this wonderful jamboree of positive visions of our common future!  Jim Garrison is a global social entrepreneur who brought many of us together in the 1990s with his State of the World conferences.  This event promises to  be similarly uplifting!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

We believe this is the time for action

Humanity Rising represents a movement of people and organizations coming together to take counsel on how to leverage the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic into an opportunity for human renewal and increased resilience to future challenges.

The goal of the Summit is to create an international coalition strong enough to transform conversations that matter into actions that make a difference.

Over 100 impact players from around the world will come together to co-create & share knowledge.
Live daily conversations on Zoom.- 8-10 Am PDT- 5-7 Pm CET
Share your work and ideas as you help to write a new chapter in human history.