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It wasn’t until I stood in a burning apartment with a woman that I realized what real change is…

Hi! My name is Mozart. I’m a community builder, poet and dad working with Jonathan on the social entrepreneurship Clinic. I’m a trained social worker who got my first job out of school at a social impact software company. These days I’m working to address health disparities in public housing and sharing poems on stages. I love doing both!

In our new newsletter format, I share articles and tools that add value to your impact career. I’ll also be curating stories by our Social Entrepreneurship Clinic readers. For more of the opening story about true change, click here.


Mark Albionmanaging partner at More Than Money Careersgets that we’re all just human beings trying our best. In his recent post he writes: “My father died at the most inopportune of times…”  As dads ourselves, Jonathan and I dialed into Mark’s blog in a major way.

“The father quest is a major hero adventure…of finding out what your career is, what your nature is, what your source is… finding your own character and destiny.”  – Joseph Campbell, mythologist

Read this powerful story of loss, leadership, and purpose at Unreasonable.Is

Tools, Tips and Tales from the Frontlines

Stressed and spending too much time managing technology versus it actually helping you grow your impact venture? I HIGHLY recommend Jenny Blake’s amazing 90+ Teach Tools To Manage Your Life

Learn How-To Raise Social Impact Money: Webinar 

Stanford Social Innovation Review social impact fundraising webinar with Jonathan is coming May 13. Send a specific question about fundraising you’d like answered to me at message

As Jonathan notes, “If you can’t (or won’t) raise money, you aren’t a social entrepreneur. Your social mission deserves it. Your social venture requires it.”

Social Enterprise Alliance

This coming weekend, Jonathan is the official instructor for the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit 50 under 40 leadership program in Nashville, TN. He is teaching the nitty-gritty, actionable tools required to help young impact leaders get started or step up their game. Learn more here.

Social Entrepreneurship Clinic “Eats It” at Whitman College

Whitman College students chomping on hot dogs and social entrepreneurship ideas. Oh yes, Jonathan was there too.

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