Humanity’s Team: The Age of Consciousness.

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imageThere’s a lot of talk these days about becoming more conscious in our lives, but have you ever considered all the ways consciousness can expand your capacities and potential?

Here at Humanity’s Team, we and many of the scientists and leaders we work with believe we’ve entered The Age of Consciousness.

Do you remember how the Information Age changed every aspect of our lives? Well, get ready, because consciousness is the next big game-changer that is happening right here, right now.

Dr. William Spady has spent decades studying consciousness, and his research shows that the more consciousness expands, the more it shapes and infuses what he calls “The 4 Cs”—creativity, collaboration, competence and compassion.

This, in turn, creates greater potential, capacities, resonance and harmony, both in individuals and in the relations within and among groups and societies.

Other research at Case Western Reserve University confirms this and additionally suggests that in the workplace, employee engagement and marketplace advantage also soar.

I’m sharing all of this as part of my reminder to you that we are partnering with the Evolutionary Leaders and Unity Earth to host the first annual, FREE, Conscious Business World Summit on March 7th – 9th, where we’ll be exploring these topics and so much more.

The entire Summit is FREE, and as long as you sign up to attend, you’ll be sent viewing links so you can watch anytime!

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