How to Watch the 2018 NYC Food Tank Summit (Live Now!)

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“Ethical Markets welcomes this broadening of the global debate about re-directing our global food system from its current unsustainable path, based perilously on the planet’s 3% of freshwater, still ignoring the thousands of salt-loving food plants (e.g. quinoa, China’s salt-tolerant rice, etc.) which thrive on saltwater and grow in 22 countries on degraded and desert lands without fertilizers or pesticides … and capture CO2 effectively!

We urge all participants to widen their scope of possibilities by reading our Green Transition Scoreboard ® 2018: “Capturing CO2 While Improving Human Nutrition and Health“ and  our companion TV program “Investing in Saltwater Agriculture: the Next Big Thing “with NASA chief Scientist Dennis Bushnell, on  Find out how investment coalitions with deep pockets  are financing plant-based protein alternative companies  are competing with ecologically -damaging livestock-raised meats.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

I am so excited to tell you that we are broadcasting live right now from the 2018 NYC Food Tank Summit! Tune in all day on and Food Tank’s Facebook page. It’s completely free!

The theme today is “Focusing on Food Loss and Food Waste.” We have more than 35 incredible speakers including Dan Barber, Dickie Brennan, J.J. Johnson, Questlove, Tim Ma, Haile Thomas, Marion Nestle, Roy Steiner, Rhea Suh, Ben Tinker, and many more among an all-star lineup of conversations moderated by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and more!

Will you do me a favor right now and share the live stream on Facebook to your personal page, groups, and organizational pages by CLICKING HERE? And, if you really want to do us a huge favor, you can help spread the word by using our social media toolkit HERE.

How you can join the conversation live: (1) Use the hashtag #FoodTank and your
comments will show on a giant social media wall behind the speakers for everyone in the room to see. (2) Send us your questions in real time for the speakers using #FoodTank on all social media or emailing me directly at [email protected].

Event partners and sponsors include New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development; Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center; Rethink Food Waste Through Economics and Data (ReFED); Natural Resources Defense Council; the Fink Family Foundation; The Rockefeller Foundation; Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN); Driscoll’s; Edible Manhattan; Food For All; the Food Recovery Network; Great Performances; Mother Jones; Nature’s Path; Niman Ranch; Organic Valley; and Sealed Air.

Want to attend a Food Tank Summit in person? Next, we head to San Diego on November 14, and tickets are on sale for $199 today only! We promise an incredible agenda. Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

Reminder: to watch the NYC Food Tank Summit live, go to now! Below is today’s agenda (and please forward this email to any listservs, co-workers, or groups that may be interested).

Second Annual Food Tank Summit in New York City

Focusing on Food Loss and Food Waste

October 3, 2018

8:30am, Breakfast and Registration

9:00am, Welcome and Introduction

·         Pamela Morris, Vice Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

·         Danielle Nierenberg, President, Food Tank


9:20am, a Fireside Chat featuring Dan Barber, Chef and Co-Founder, Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns moderated by Danielle Nierenberg, President, Food Tank

9:50am, Spotlight: Tobias Peggs, Co-Founder and CEO, Square Roots

10:00am, a Fireside Chat featuring Roy Steiner, Managing Director for Food, The Rockefeller Foundation and Rhea Suh, President, Natural Resources Defense Council moderated by Julia Moskin, Reporter, the New York Times

10:30am, Networking Break (30 mins)

11:00 am, a Fireside Chat featuring Questlove and Haile Thomas, Founder and CEO, HAPPY (Healthy Active Positive Purposeful Youth) moderated by Danielle Nierenberg, President, Food Tank

11:40am, Spotlight: Homa Dashtaki, Owner, White Moustache Yogurt

11:50am, Panel 1: Restaurants and Companies Fighting Food Waste
Moderated by Bryan Walsh, Former International Editor, Time Magazine

·         Dickie Brennan, Owner and Managing Partner of Dickie Brennan & Company

·         Brad Nelson, Vice President, Global Operations Discipline Leader, Marriott International

·         Marco Canora, Chef and Founder, Brodo

·         Katherine Miller, Vice President of Impact, James Beard Foundation

·         Dadisi Olutosin, Co-Founder and Chief Culinary Officer, Plated Food Groupe

·         Joe Folds, President, Pacific Foods

12:45pm, Lunch

1:45 pm, Spotlight: Sheryll Durrant, New Roots Farm Coordinator, International Rescue Committee

1:55pm, Panel 2: Solving On-Farm Food Loss
Moderated by Caity Moseman Wadler, Executive Director, Heritage Radio Network

·         Rafael Flor, Director, YieldWise, The Rockefeller Foundation

·         Marie Haga, Executive Director, Global Crop Diversity Trust

·         Tobias Grasso, North American President of Food Care, Sealed Air

·         Elizabeth Mitcham, Director, Horticulture Innovation Lab, and Postharvest Specialist, Department of Plant Sciences, University of California, Davis

·         Jane Ambuko, Senior Lecturer and Head of Horticulture, Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection, University of Nairobi

·         Jack Algiere, Farm Director, Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture

2:45pm, Networking Break (15 mins)

3:00pm, a Fireside Chat featuring Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health, Emerita, New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, moderated by Danielle Nierenberg, President, Food Tank

3:30pm, Spotlight: Sandy Nurse, Founder & Co-Director, BK ROT

3:40pm, Panel 3: Improving Food Recovery
Moderator: Ben Tinker, Supervising Producer, CNN Health

·         André Thompson, Director of Food Programs, New York Common Pantry

·         Bonnie McClafferty, Director, Food Value Chain, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

·         Elizabeth Balkan, Director, Food Waste, Natural Resources Defense Council

·         Robert Lee, Co-Founder & CEO, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

·         Karen Hanner, Vice President of Manufacturing Partnerships, Feeding America

·         Chris Cochran, Executive Director, ReFED

4:35pm, a Fireside Chat featuring Tim Ma, Chef and Owner, Kyirisan, Gabriele Corcos, Host, Extra Virgin, and J.J. Johnson, Chef, Author, and Co-Founder, InGrained Hospitality Concepts moderated by Charles Passy, Reporter, the Wall Street Journal

5:05pm, Closing