How do systems change?

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“Ethical Markets welcomes this focus on deeper trends signaling longer-term changes provided by our UK-based friends at Forum for the Future.  We like their focus on changing our food systems by engaging chefs.  See our similar efforts to showcase gourmet chefs using wider arrays of overlooked, nourishing foods from indigenous farmers and those growing wild, such as jackfruit and halophytes: quinoa, salicornia and many more of the Earth’s plant kingdom that capture ambient CO2 and thrive in 22 countries on degraded and desert land without fertilizers or pesticides in our reports “Capturing CO2 While Improving Human Nutrition & Health“ (2018) and ”Transitioning to Science-Based Investing“ 2019-2020) at

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”


Equipping student chefs to shape our future food system

The need for a more resilient, sustainable food industry is clearer than ever, and to achieve this we need the talent and expertise of chefs. But how can we better equip future chefs to play their part in a sustainable world?

Together with the University of West London and as part of The Protein Challenge 2040, we’ve created and piloted a series of sustainability-led lessons that can unlock young chefs’ potential to shape the future of food.

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Stories that tell us how systems change

This Autumn, Forum’s School of System Change is running a three-part webinar series that uses a systems lens to explore pivotal moments in history, such as the birth of rock ‘n’ roll, the Civil Rights Movement, and the systemic shift towards better resilience in water-scarce Mexico City.

The Stories of Change series of webinars will run from end-September through the month of October, for global audiences. Sessions tailored specifically for a New Zealand based audience are also available, with the support of Vodafone Aotearoa Foundation, Todd Foundation and J R McKenzie Trust.

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Nature is Everyone’s Business:
Sign up to the Call to ActionThe COVID-19 crisis has helped to underline the stark reality that human health is inextricably linked to planetary health. As an active member of the Business for Nature coalition, Forum is working to help ensure that businesses around the world play a role in helping to drive ambitious policy and collective action on nature. And there couldn’t be a more critical time – in the lead-up to the UN Summit on Biodiversity, taking place on 21 September, and major global decision-making moments for nature in 2021 in the form of the Climate COP and the Convention on Biological Diversity COP, we are asking all our partners to consider signing up to the Business for Nature Call to Action.

Please add your support by 1 September and send a clear message that nature really is everyone’s business.

30 September, 13 October, 27 October
Stories of Change series
This Autumn, join the School of System Change for a three-part webinar series exploring pivotal moments in history using systemic frameworks. Learn how we apply frameworks to understand social change, and how to facilitate groups using these frameworks.Find out more on Forum’s events page.


17 September, 1 October, 15 October
Stories of Change series – New Zealand
Forum’s School of System Change  in partnership with Vodafone Aotearoa Foundation, Todd Foundation, and J R McKenzie Trust, is running a three-part series using videos to show historic system change with expert guests and corresponding facilitation packs. These sessions will be hosted for audiences in New Zealand and Oceania.Find out more on Forum’s events page


22-23 October 
Responsible Business EuropeThe Responsible Business Summit Europe 2020 will convene leaders from across the globe virtually to share their latest strategies, and tangible insights into how they are helping deliver the required transformation of business for a sustainable economy.
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This month on the Futures Centre

In September, we’re relaunching the Futures Centre, a participatory platform with insights on futures thinking and sustainability. In the meantime, we continue to see signals of change on themes accelerated or influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. See our full collection of signals.

Signal of Change /

Pushing towards socially-just renewable energy industries

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Signal of Change /Calls for social media companies to do more to combat extremism

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In case you missed it

Circular Materials Guide


Fashion Positive launches Circular Materials Guidelines

Fashion Positive, a non-profit organisation operating out of Textile Exchange, has launched the first-ever Circular Materials Guidelines enabling innovators, manufacturers, and brands to design for the scale of safer, cleaner materials that build a more resilient Fashion Industry. Circular materials are critical to designing clothes and footwear for the highest value and long-lasting use, able to be reused, remade, and ultimately recycled or composted for a new life; in other words designed for the circular economy.
For more information contact [email protected] or access the Guidelines here.

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Food system

Creating a sustainable global food system: The Journey Part ITogether with EIT Food, in May 2020 we convened stakeholders across the global food system in a workshop to explore trends and insights emerging from the worldwide response to COVID-19, and what the implications are for our food system. What are the key questions that are key to shaping a sustainable food future?
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