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Jay Owen Global Citizen

“Ethical Markets congratulates Darlene Cavalier for her vision and commitment to bringing citizens voices into science policy and education!  We are so happy that Darlene helps promote the publications of the Office of technology Assessment (OTA) especially the report I fostered:

“AN ASSESSMENT OF TECHNOLOGY FOR LOCAL DEVELOPMENT“  (originally published in 1981, now available at the University of Florida Press and downloadable on ) .

Keep up your great work, Darlene!

Hazel Henderson, Editor “


The Science Cheerleaders are current and former NFL, NBA and collegiate cheerleaders pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Our mission is to inspire, engage, and empower girls to pursue their dreams in STEM.

We playfully challenge stereotypes with the goal of inspiring girls to see the possibilities that are available to them in STEM careers. Our Science Cheerleaders leverage girls’ interests in fun and familiar activities, primarily cheerleading (and dance), by leading science-themed cheers and hands-on STEM learning opportunities to diffuse the intimidation and increase the approachability of STEM in events across the nation.

Your support will help us expand our programs and appearances, like those highlighted below! Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Science Cheerleaders to support our STEM outreach efforts.