Hacking, Ethics, and the Future of Internet Security

kristy SRI/ESG News

March 2012 Newsletter


Hacking, Ethics, and the Future of Internet Security
A talk by Joseph Menn, technology projects reporter for Reuters, draws on his experience on the technology beat for top publications including the Financial Times, LA Times, and Bloomberg. Monday, April 9, 7 p.m.

Have the Rules Caught Up With the Game of Football?
Former vice president of NFL officiating Mike Pereira, now a Fox Sports analyst, explores “Football, Concussions, and Character.” Tuesday, April 10, noon

Religious Liberty: The First Freedom?
Leading authority on freedom of speech and religion Michael W. McConnell speaks on constitutional issues surrounding religious liberty. McConnell is professor and director of the Constitutional Law Center at Stanford Law School. Tuesday, April 17, noon


Where Boards Go Wrong (video)
Members of corporate boards can get into trouble through mistakes, outright wrongdoing, and willful blindness, according to Hank Shea, distinguished fellow at the St. Thomas School of Law and visiting professor at the Arizona School of Law.

Pushing Past the Achievement Gap (podcast)
At a recent appearance for the Center, Gloria Ladson-Billings, professor of urban education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, urged a change in the nation’s educational direction.

Do Sports Build Character? (vlog)
An SCU student athlete, a member of the Athletic Department, and a member of the faculty debate whether college sports form the character of athletes in a positive way.

Making the Grade (case study)
Is there anything wrong with taking a class just to get an easy A? Alejandro must decide in this case study, part of the Center’s Big Q project, an online dialog about the ethical issues in the everyday lives of college students.