GTS Mid-year Update August 2013

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Green Transition Scoreboard® Shows Dramatic Mid-year Surge
August 30, 2013, St. Augustine, FL –The Green Transition
Scoreboard® tally jumped from $4.1 trillion reported in February to
$5.2 trillion as of July 2013. The Green Transition Scoreboard®
tracks private investments, since 2007, in creating cleaner, greener
economies globally. Models show that investing at least $1 trillion per
year until 2020 will lead from the fossil fueled industrial era to a
technologically advanced solar age based on ethical principles of
equity, efficiency, biomimicry and earth systems science.

Hazel Henderson, president of Ethical Markets Media and creator of the Green Transition
Scoreboard® (GTS), focuses research into substantial capital investments in Renewable
Energy, Efficiency, Green Construction, Corporate R&D and Cleantech technologies based on
her years of experience as a science advisor in Washington, DC. To date, investments are well
on the way to the $10 trillion by 2020 mark.

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The mid-year Update to the Green Transition Inflection Point: Green Transition Scoreboard®
2013 Report provides a succinct summary of the GTS and delves into the trends growing the
Renewable Energy and Green Construction sectors, specifically. The GTS is chronicling how
investors and asset managers are updating strategic asset allocation models both as
opportunities and as risk mitigation. GTS endorsers include Prof. Dan Kammen, UC Berkeley;
Don Tapscott, author Wikinomics; Ashok Khosla, Development Alternatives, India, and many
With $2.3 trillion privately invested globally since 2007 in Renewable Energy, the highest
sector monitored by the Green Transition Scoreboard® is benefitting from reduced cost and
greater efficiencies as well as from changing attitudes toward fossil fuels and diminished returns
on investments. Green Construction is increasing as the demolition subsector takes down
outdated infrastructure. The Efficiency sector is adding material and water efficiencies to the
energy efficiencies boosting this sector.
“In light of climate change,” says Henderson, “I agree with Storebrand’s position.” Christine
Tørklep Meisingset, Head of Sustainable Investments for Storebrand, a major Norwegian
pension fund advisor, told Henderson that Storebrand needed to adjust its investment strategy
to reduce exposure to unburnable and, thus, increasingly diminished value fossil fuels.
Timothy Jack Nash, Director of Sustainability Research for Ethical Markets Media, is excited to
have unearthed many buried investments in green sectors. “A large portion of this mid-year
jump is due to better reporting, by market research organizations and companies themselves, of
green activities and initiatives,” says Nash.
“Beyond this inflection point, clean technology investment, integral to the green economy, is
inevitably growing toward the Solar Age, based on Earth Systems Science, Hazel Henderson
has been forecasting,” says Rosalinda Sanquiche, executive director of Ethical Markets and coauthor and researcher of the GTS.
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